Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Starn Twins

I've been very aware recently that most of my latest images are all set in woods; lots of trees, bushes etc.  In fact, when T saw my last set of contact sheets, her first comment was: 'wow, that's a lot of trees'!  I hadn't been particularly aware of being drawn to these of areas, always thought of myself more to do with coastlines, but she's right, there are a lot of trees!

When I think of artists making images, I immediately think of the Starn twins.  

Beautiful as they are, I think what draws me more to the Starn twins' work is their use of materials.  In GSA, such work could run the risk of being described as 'crafty', but their combination of photography, both analogue and digital printing, unusual papers, wax and varnish etc, I think makes their work incredibly interesting (and something I am looking forward to trying when I'm finished my degree).  They also make some very large pieces using these techniques and I would really love to see them up close.

Again T and I have a common interest here.  Although she is mainly drawn to the moth pieces (which look astonishingly beautiful I must say) we are both really eager to experiment with the production of our images using different materials and processes - maybe that's something we can think about in our project coming up (will blog about that soon!).

The Starn Twins - www.starnstudio.com


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