Sunday, 17 March 2013

Interim Assessment

I'm a bit behind with my research and my blog, so have been doing marathon sessions to get everything up to date; means the blog will just be highlights!!

The interim assessment was certainly one of those; not because I did really well or anything, but because I managed to turn a real corner as a result of it.

Despite the lead up to it being quite nerve wracking, the assessment itself was fine.  I did ok grade wise, but it was the process of installing my work, and the feedback regarding my images that was most useful.  In terms of installing, I've got a lot to learn - it was much more difficult than I had realised (although I didn't think it would be easy, having been through it with T for her show and her recent exhibition).  I plan to use the 4th year white space to practice, and despite the fact that it scares the hell out of me, I have booked The Cell at GSA to have a wee exhibition.  I hate the thought of putting my work out there, but guess it's part and parcel of being an artist!

The feedback for my images was that they were a return to the stronger images I had been making when I first came to GSA - I think sometimes you get caught up in trying to hard and I'm still trying to keep up a more relaxed approach.  Unfortunately, the weather has been getting in the way of getting out with the camera so I still need to make more work.

For me, however, the biggest impact of the assessment process was seeing other people's work, or at least some of it.  When we go through the viewings weekly, we tend to be in the same groupings so you don't see anyone's work outside that group.  So, it came as a bit of a surprise when I saw N and ST's work in their studio.  It was really good, and interesting and well finished - everything I had been beginning to feel my work wasn't.  But most importantly, it seemed mature, much more mature than mine, made me feel mine was 'silly'.  I'd already been struggling with where to take mine, was a bit frustrated that I wasn't able to produce the kind of work I wanted, but didn't know what that was anyway!!

But, it seemed to be the kick that I needed.  I've totally changed direction and I'm really happy with the ideas and work that I've been making since.  In fact, I'm actually quite excited about some of them, so long may it continue!


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