Monday, 11 February 2013

Some Interesting Stuff

As a result of my good talking to (by me!) I've been looking at some photographs for inspiration and I've collected a few that I found interesting.  However, I hadn't taken a note of the names of all of them which meant going back to find out the artists to credit them properly.  This made me realise three things:

1.  I look at a lot of the same stuff!  Normally, I wouldn't think that was much of a problem, but when you begin to deliberately go through site after site, you begin to realise how 'narrow' that view point is; to quote my 4th year tutor, it all becomes a bit tedious!  I never thought I'd say that, I love this type of photography!!!

2.  That there's a lot of good quality photography of this type out there - it's the old 'there's nothing new' argument again.  How can you make your own work stand out from the rest when 'it's all been done before'?

3.  Rather than going through lots of artists, I should just put a link on my blog to the New Landscape Photography blog of Wilson Cummer - I can spend hours looking at the work he chooses to post.  Thank you Mr Cummer, you are a source of inspiration to me, maybe one day I'll be on your site?

That said, here are a few images I have picked out so far:


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