Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Books and Bits!

After my visit to the Dick Institute and the Sea Fever exhibition, I took a look back at a couple of projects I was really happy with, and where I felt that I was 'on to something' so to speak.

Everything She Knew

I made this for the book project at the end of 2nd year and although I was really pleased with it, I don't think it was received that well.  My great aunt was of the generation that faithfully read 'The People's Friend' every week.  She would cook from the recipes, knit from the patterns and follow the gardening advice; she would even buy from the adverts!

The single book is a copy of the magazine chopped up and hand-bound. The small multiple is a series of the recipes and lessons she wrote as a schoolgirl in the early part of the 1900s - it's interspersed with photographs of her as a young woman, my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and finally me.  It was the continuation of a project I did in 1st year called 'For the Women' - the generations of women in my family on my mother's side.

The Weight of Words

This was a small project that I did at the end of 3rd year and was inspired by an old postcard that T had found.  She had picked it up because it stated that it was a 'real photograph' but on the other side it said '1d for 5 words'. This struck me as such a strange thing - how can you charge by the word?  It got me thinking about the weight of words - how heavy is a word?  Would 'love' be a heavy word or a light one?  So I made some ink from the cement I had been working with - a more literal interpretation of the weight of words; the longer the word, the more cement ink it would take, therefore the heavier it would weigh!

I'm hoping that by reminding myself of these two projects, I'll get some inspiration going for some smaller projects - I'll need a good dose of it for the new term starting on Monday!


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