Sunday, 6 January 2013

An Impossible Challenge!!

My very clever friend T gave me my most challenging Christmas present ever this year - a sketchbook to help me let go!  'Wreck This Journal' by Keri Smith goes against everything in my nature, but is everything I want to be!  It's basically a sketchbook of instructions to help you become more creative in a freer way and is 'dedicated to perfectionists all over the world.'  In fact, the book begins with the following:
WARNING: During the process of this book you will get dirty.  You may find yourself covered in paint, or any other number of foreign substances.  You will get wet.  You may be asked to do things you question.  You may grieve for the perfect state that you found the book in.  You may begin to see creative destruction everywhere.  You may begin to live more recklessly.
The instructions range from 'Rub here with dirt' to 'Collect your pocket lint; glue it here' and 'Place sticky things here (honey, gum, syrup, glue, sucker, marshmallow' as well as lots other crazy things!  T has one that looks great and free and inspirational, but I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to be able to tackle mine; maybe I could wear gloves...?! :D

(c)Keri Smith, Wreck This Journal


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