Sunday, 30 December 2012

Phase I Complete!

Well, the essay is handed it at least!  And it really was such a relief to have that stage done and dusted.  I knew that it could be pretty stressful so I'm glad I spent a lot of time over the summer reading and beginning to write.  But despite being pretty much finished with a little time to spare, it was still horribly nerve wracking when it came to the hand-in.

I can't say I loved writing it - I found it hard to write to the tutorial deadlines - but I did learn an awful lot about how to write in an academic style rather than my normal descriptive (rambling) style. What I did love though, was how much I learned about so many other things as a result of reading and researching my topic: Interpreting and Portraying Silence in Art.

I had a great tutor in Johnny Rodger, and a wonderful mentor in T - now all I have to do is wait...'til June!! :(


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