Sunday, 11 November 2012

Concrete and Stone

With a little bit of help, I've been looking at work by other artists working particularly with concrete or stone.  Some of them I find particularly interesting so will save them for separate posts, but here's a selection of the rest:

Vasko Lipovac, Perls (1997)

Mark Wallinger, 1000 Stones (2010)

Lenka Clayton, 7000 Stones (2008)

Sarah Lucas, Concrete Boots (2005)

Simon Starling, Mirrored Wall Head (2010)

Liz Glynn, Chair (2003)

Matias Faldbakken, Shoebox Sculpture (2011)

Mirko Tschauner, Captain (2007)

Vanessa Billy, Wait, Sit, Converse (2009)

Jose Rojas, Style Spiral (2009)

Peter Wehinger, Untitled (2008)


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