Friday, 26 October 2012

Balls! (Seriously...balls!)

I've been thinking about where I want to take the work with concrete and was playing around with a bag of cement and some bits and pieces and ended up dipping some pre-formed balls into a pot of cement.  I really liked what I came out with but... there are so many balls out there already!  Here are some (rather poor sorry) phone shots of before they dried out.

They dried out much lighter and the top one almost looked like a planet; it was well received at my first viewing.  However, I only used cement so it was pretty fragile and cracked into several pieces.  Without thinking, M flatten one of the pieces and lo and behold... it looked great:

Problem is, when they saw them most people mentioned the same name - one of last year's graduates who made these beautiful hand compacted sphere (from soil collected from the physics department of Glasgow Uni)  which dried and cracked over the period of the degree show:
Sam de Santis, Hand Compact Sphere, 2012

Another of last year's graduates also worked in concrete and had balls, so to speak!  I think his work was my favourite in the show (other than T's of course!):

Jerry Dowds, Suspended Ball and Concrete on Mirror Plinth, 2012

I think it's one thing to reinterpret something that's been done before, but another when it was only just done at last year's degree show!!


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