Friday, 24 August 2012

Here v there!

Last weekend I went home, back to Fife, and it really was food for the soul.  Spent Saturday with P driving up the east coast and photographing around the beaches of Montrose, St Cyrus and Lunan Bay.  The evening sun was just beautiful.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with M during one of my tutorials last year about how some of my best work comes as a result of travel.  Not overseas travel - but sometimes near, sometimes far, and definitely away from the city.  I'll have to wait until term begins to develop the film from this summer's trips to see if there's anything decent, but I certainly feel much better as soon as I'm away from Glasgow.  I suppose it helps that my interests are connected to the coast, but getting away just makes me feel so much freer and able to think more creatively.

The problem with going home though, is the coming back!  The better the time away, the harder it is to settle when I have to come back to the city centre.  This week has been particularly hard as I'm trying to work on my essay/dissertation - how do I focus in the noise of the city, when my heart's still on the beach?

Lunan Bay 


St Cyrus

Home - for the time being!


Lesley Punton said...

I struggle with that every day of my life (substitute mountains and remote places for sea). But real life kicks in, with bills to pay, etc. No easy answer I'm afraid.

M-J Archibald said...

I was thinking of you while I wrote this Lesley, and you're right, there's no easy answer! My main problem though, and I'm sure you feel exactly the same way, is how do you maintain the inspiration and creativity when there is such conflict.

Had another weekend up on the east coast at Scotstown, St Combs, Newburgh etc, and it's just so hard to come back. As you say, needs must, but I'm glad that my real life (if I ever get back to it!) isn't in the city and that I'll be able to wake up by the sea again everyday...eventually! :)

Lesley Punton said...

you're more likely to be able to find that balance M, seeing as we live on an island (and you had it before). If they could just move the art school to Lochaber, then I'd be happy! But actually, I think you need to feed it (which is probably not what I should tell a fourth year student). I fed it every weekend and did achieve some kind of balance before motherhood. OK, I can't feed it so well now, but circumstances will change in time, and one makes sacrifices for other gains (and A is a wonderful addition and enrichment to my life!). Your other gain is the time spent to study, having dared to dream and make the changes you made. One thing being a parent really brought home in ways I hadn't fully appreciated is that nothing stays the same for long and change is inevitable.

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