Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Space of My Own

One particularly nice thing about reaching 3rd year is getting my own studio space.  I'm sharing with C, S and eventually R when he comes back from exchange, it's interconnected to three other studio spaces, and it's lovely!

One of the biggest issues for me with 2nd year was the studio space, or lack of it.  Not having enough space to sit and study, to display your work, and the constant to-ing and fro-ing of other students using the space as a meeting area and kitchen, meant that I always went back to my flat and studied on my own.  This reduced my interaction with the others, which often meant I felt isolated and on the periphery of things.  Now I feel very much part of things and the group

So far it's been nice and quiet, and although I worry that this won't always be the case, it feels great to be able to go back to it after classes etc and just sit and write up notes, blog, and so on.  Need to make it a bit more homely, but that will come with time no doubt.

My studio space :)


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