Sunday, 25 September 2011


Thought I'd post a wee update on my progress with this 'titles' issue, and the good news is, I think I'm getting over it!  It's not so much I'm getting over it, as I think it just might take me longer to figure out what I'm actually interested in/trying to say with my images.

After my last post (which was a wee bit of a rant, I confess) L and T made some constructive comments that I've been mulling over and trying to take on board, but I think it's like a lot of things in my life, I just take time to process some of them.

I entered the images that I originally insisted on calling 'Untitled' into an exhibition for which I had to write a statement.  It was then that I realised why I'm so interested in these gates and the land around and beyond them (at least one of the reasons I think) - it's about what you can't have.  So I called the series 'Promised Land'.

The particular gates in this series are on the site of an old hospital that will eventually become new housing -  a promise of new beginnings, a new lifestyle, new hope etc.  Most of the gates I've photographed  have blocked the way to empty land - a promise of something to come.  And I've been thinking about the Leipzig trip too, and how much I'd like to take my camera back to the border land - the land between the east and west that offered a promise of freedom and of better things.

So I'm comfortable calling it my Promised Land project (ongoing of course) - loud, proud and Scottish @L ;-)  - thank you L and T, what would I do without you? x


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