Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Quick Summary - Part 1

Yet again it's been another long gap in my blog postings, but instead, I've been enjoying working on my sketchbooks this summer break: and I've mentioned this before, when you don't post anything for a while, you think you should post everything that's happened and then you always end up playing catch-up!  So, once again, I've decided not to play catch-up and just post a quick summary of the things I did mean to post about!!
  • 2nd year book project - was so looking forward to this and in the end it was both a highlight and a low-light. High because I got to make books and I'm really pleased with my end result (a tribute to my great aunt, partly inspired by my 1st year tutor and another set of books inspired by Dieter Roth) but low because it didn't seem to go down well at assessment time! 

  • 2nd year assessment - happy with grade, unhappy with comments - unhelpful and confusing.
  • Liepzig, the second part of the project - let's not even go there!!
  • 2nd year fizzled out rather than ended, not a great ending.
  • Degree show - quite good; I thought photography did well this year, but the best work in the show for me was by Robin Leishman.  I'll eventually post about him separately!
  • 3rd year and PhD show - for me the 3rd year show was much better than the PhD show - I just didn't 'get' a lot of it!  The works I liked best in the 3rd yr show were photographs by Scott Brotherton, and at the risk of appearing biased, the 2 pieces by Theresa Moerman Ib (better known as T on this blog!!)
    T's beautiful and delicate slides made with cobwebs she saved from our fire earlier this year
    • The MFA show - maybe it's my lack of understanding, but I was pretty disappointed with this show.  Aren't the MFAs meant to be 'the best', the cream of the crop so to speak?  Certainly there were some good pieces, but there were also some really bad ones.  It's not so much the 'what' that was bad, but the 'how'; I thought the standard of some of the presentation was really bad.  There was one body of work (which also made it to 'FutureProof', so it just shows what I know!) which I like the concept of, but the book was made incredibly badly! I wanted to contact the artist and offer my services!  I guess I just feel that by the time you reach that level, the execution of your work should be of a much higher quality - it was certainly stressed upon us as 2nd years that it was important, and I agree.  However, it has given me an idea and I fancy making a BIG book at some point!
    • Degree Show - Visual Communications.  Fabulous!  Really loved their show!  Had I gone to see the Vis Comm show at the end of 1st year, I'm not sure I wouldn't have been banging at their door trying to change courses!  I hadn't realised how varied the work could be - some photography, some art, lots of books! Imagine all the wonderful books I could have made!  However, much as it shook me up seeing it (I really felt for a while that I wanted to change over), I came to get a fine art degree - I want to understand how to think and produce like an artist, I want to understand the artists process.  I'm definitely going to try to make some use of their equipment in the next 2 years and who knows, maybe Vis Comm will be my next degree!! :)

    My apologies for not being able to add names to these works.

    There was also this great video by Lu Sisi, although it made me smile that she calls all the cameras 'antiques' - I think I use a fair number of them!!


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