Sunday, 17 July 2011

Song for Whoever

My last post leads me nicely on to an a-ha moment I had recently.

Many years ago, when I lived in London, I dated a musician for a while. We were part of a bigger crowd, many of whom were singers and songwriters and being a typical starry eyed, romantic twenty something, I used to ask him to write me a song! Perhaps I thought he'd declare his undying love for me in words and melody, but he never did!

Fast forward to this year and we reconnected via FaceBook. We've exchanged a few emails about those London days, and he recently sent me some of the new music he's been working on - and there I am, finally, in his songs!! Not directly of course, but listening to the words of the songs, it made me realise that song writing is an art form too and like most artists, songs aren't written on demand anymore than paintings are painted, photographs made etc. I know some songwriters do work like that, but for most it's about a culmination of other influences - emotions, ideas, thoughts, events etc - that lead themselves to being expressed via a chosen artistic medium. I now know that I will be in his songs in the same way it's inevitable that he'll be in my images. Not literally, but there none the less. It's my constructed image a-ha breakthrough all over again!!


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