Sunday, 17 July 2011

On Being Confused - Part 1 (of many!)

So while I'm on the subject of personal versus private, I wanted to say something about how confusing my feedback at the end of 2nd year was. Grade wise I did fine and can't complain about it given my lack of images/produced work, but the actual feedback did leave me confused, and to be honest, a bit unhappy and annoyed; it kind of left me not knowing what to do!

The 'conundrum' appears to be that on the one hand my work is very impersonal, but on the other hand is extremely personal and private. I got the impression that this is something that is wrong. When I look at other people's work, some of it is very personal (boobs and bits galore!), or at least comes from somewhere very personal, and yet they didn't get the same feedback.

Today I went to hear an artist talk at Street Level and a lot of her work comes from some of really bad times in her life (and other people's), some of it comes from memories of her childhood. I just don't understand - surely as an artist, your work is an expression of how you think and feel about certain things, so how can it being personal be wrong?

Maybe I'm over analysing this, but I was feeling much more comfortable with the work I was producing (what little there was) after J's feedback earlier in the year. He had pointed out that I shouldn't be so concerned about how people viewed my work; I felt that I'd now understood what he meant, and had become a little more confident about putting my work out there. Now I'm not really sure where I am!!! Need another a-ha moment for this lesson I think!


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