Sunday, 17 July 2011

It's been a while - again!!

I've said this before, and I'll no doubt say it again, but one of the things about blogging is that when you don't post anything for a while, you think you should post about the things that have happened, in the order they happened! But then you always end up playing catch-up. So, here's another list of some of the things that I'd like to post about and, once again, I'll just post things as they come to mind and if my timings are all over the place, so it goes!

  • The book project in 3rd term of 2nd year
  • 2nd year feedback - confused! :(
  • 2nd year just fizzling out
  • The degree show - my highlights
  • The 3rd year show and the PHds
  • The MFA show
  • The Vis Comm degree show - awesome!
  • Work/life/study balance - the problem with being a working student :(
  • Old friends, songwriting and another a-ha moment (outwith GSA this time!)
  • Being homesick!

So that's my reminder list - I'm going to try to post some thoughts on all these things in the next few weeks.
However, I have a dilemma with blogging. I talked to L once about how different my blog is to T's, and she said that T's was about her ideas etc, but mine seemed more about the process of going through this course. And therein lies my problem, so much of what's been going on is my very personal process and a big part of me wants to share it, but a part of me thinks that might not be such a good idea! Will try to work it out, as I think some of what I've been going through is very pertinent, albeit very personal - it's all about balance, MJ, all about balance!!


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