Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I've been searching for quotes that can maybe give me some inspiration or other avenues to look into this idea of silence as a presence, not as an absence and I heard one this morning in a song on the radio that I really liked:
I've never heard silence quite this loud
Reminded me that I've always liked the Manfred Man's Earth Band album title 'The Roaring Silence'. It had a close up picture of an ear, and inside the the ear was a mouth, opened in a scream.

But my favourite quote involving silence, is from Ansel Adams:
When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.
If anyone reading this has any other quotes, please pass them on!


Lesley Punton said...

how strange. I'm reading the Sarah Maitland book just now too. Not sure what I think of it yet.

I'll keep an ear out for stuff on silence (if that's not completely bonkers!)

M-J Archibald said...

Thanks Lesley, sorry to take so long to respond - been off the radar a bit. I did think you might be reading the book - I asked Jim at my last tutorial. I've kind of stalled with it - maybe I've gotten all I need from it? Will see.

Any suggestions on where to take this silence stuff next are very welcome - kind of stalled with everything at the moment!!!

Lesley Punton said...

...I stalled with the book too. Read two thirds, skipped the chapter on religion, and thought she had a habit of stating the bleeding obvious or confusing solitude with silence. Given up now I'm afraid.

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