Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sam Taylor-Wood - "Brontosaurus" (1995)

During today's 'Private Passions' programme on Radio 3, the presenter and his guest started talking about the importance of the music chosen to accompany film. It made me think of the Sam Taylor-Wood piece "Brontosaurus" (1995).

I actually think of this piece often; it had such an impact on me at the time. But every time I watch it, I see something different. When I originally posted it on my blog, I wrote: "I felt like I was watching the dance of a concentration camp victim. When he opens his arms, it's almost religious, and when he dances balletically, it's almost pitiful." After the Leipzig trip, it made it seem even more so.

But now, when I see it, I look more at the shadows the man creates. Sometimes I see them like demons, other times as tortured souls! Other times I think it makes him look like he has angel's wings.

How amazing it would be to create a piece of work that can stay with someone, for so long and in so many ways!


Lesley Punton said...

thinking about the shadows on the wall, have you looked into the idea of Plato's Cave? (I never really noticed the shadows before btw, so thanks!)

M-J Archibald said...

Funnily enough Lesley, that's what made me look again I think. Taking Eileen Reid's philosophy classes for the Forum this term and did Plato's Cave at the beginning of it. I think the wings thing must have come from 'Black Swan' the movie, although I didn't really enjoy it that much!!

M-J Archibald said...

I should also be thanking you for introducing me to this piece - thank you!

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