Saturday, 12 February 2011

It's been a while!!

A very long time actually, since I put anything on this blog. So much so that I struggled to remember the password!! However, T has been nagging (in the nicest possible way) about me getting back on, so here I am, and hopefully I'll keep at it - at least for another wee while!

I think one of the things about blogging is that when you don't post anything for a period of time, you then think you should post about the things that have happened but then you always end up playing catch-up. So, I've decided not to - play catch-up that is. I'll just post things as they come to mind and if my timings are all over the place, so be it!

However, as a reminder to myself, and to anyone out there in cyber space reading this, here are some of the highlights since my last post in September:

  • 2nd year, first term - ok, but feel I didn't achieve much!
  • October - Germany. Brilliant trip on so many levels: liberating (finding my way around Berlin and Leipzig on my own), emotional (Topography of Terror just proved a bit too much for me), fun (such nice people to travel with), eye-opening (I'm not as bad as I thought I was!!!), inspirational (Leipzig Academy of the Visual Arts). And something I can't find a word for - Leipzig was like a mini London when I lived there in the 80s, complete with an area like Camden Lock - it just took me back to a previous life and a person I used to be.
  • Horrid winter - weather shocking, got snowed in, lost lots of money through cancelled work!
  • T came back from exchange in New Mexico *\o/*
  • Tax bill - aargh!!!
  • Fire - someone set fire to the garage on the bottom floor of our building - really scary. Fire brigades, police, ambulance the lot!
  • Screen printing - loving it!
  • Philosophy course - amazing!
  • Facebook - a spurt of old friends has just been lovely, and very thought provoking (some of which ties very nicely into the Philosophy course)
  • A Book of Silence - Sarah Maitland
  • 2nd year, second term - going very well (I think), really enjoying it. Yet another 'ah ah' moment! Exhibition soon.

So that's my little reminder list - I'm going to try to post some thoughts on all these things in the next few weeks. I've had so much going on in my head about them all, I hope I can remember it when the time comes.


Theresa said...

...and she's back! *\o/*

Lesley Punton said...

she is! the audience keenly anticipate..

M-J Archibald said...

Careful, I might get writer's block with all this pressure!!

Ross Finnie said...

Updating blogs? What's that mean again?

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