Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Fire

T has been blogging a lot about fire, after someone set fire to the garage at the bottom of our building. It seems to have affected her much more then me and given her a lot of inspiration for her work. I can't say it has affected me in the same way, but it has made me think about a couple of things.

Firstly, about T's post on FAPNing last year asking: "What would you take in a fire?" It created quite a response at the time; lots of lists of things that were precious to people and that they would take them if their house was burning down. My list was kind of medium and, with only one or two exceptions, pretty obvious - photos, hard drive, laptop, camera, cat etc. T's list was quite long and quite specific!

The reality was very different. There was so much smoke, people shouting and sirens blaring, that when it came to it I only grabbed the cat and my iphone. I panicked a bit because I couldn't get the basket out of the cupboard, so the whole thing was very scary. But it did show me what is important in my life; I took my lovely little cat, the telephone numbers of everyone I know and I knocked on the door of my friends (T & C). Everything else just didn't seem important. I didn't even put on a coat, and was still wearing my slippers!!

The second thing it made me think about was how on my own I am. It's been better now that T & C have moved a couple of doors along, but if they had still been in New Mexico ... My old flat downstairs got it pretty bad, but thankfully, no-one in the building was hurt, just a little smoke inhalation. I don't usually mind the 'being on my own' thing, but just sometimes it can make me feel a little vulnerable.

Oh, and as for Ts long list, she took her phone, her camera and her laptop. Thankfully, C took some money!!!


Theresa said...

Yeah, as he said to me: You really need to work on your priorities. At least I can get us a hotel room :)

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