Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another 'Ah Ha' Moment

Every term so far has provided me with an 'ah ha' moment, and first term of 2nd year was no different. This particular revelation was discovering the point, or at least one of the points, of creating sketchbooks.

I struggled with creating sketchbooks in 1st year, so was determined to try to keep one up to date as I went through 2nd year - and I did, pretty much. Towards the end of last term I was looking through my sketchbook, feeling rather chuffed with my progress, when it dawned on me that the majority of the images I'd put in it were devoid of people! Even to the point of blacking out people in ones which I liked, apart from the single figure in each of them!! This was quite a breakthrough for me and I really felt like it got rid of a barrier that had been in the way - it helped me to begin to understand why I've been taking the images I do, and to what really interests me.

Nothing!! Yep, that's it, nothing! Well, not quite nothing, something that's nothing - silence, emptiness, solitude. I'll post something more about this later - still in catch-up mode!

So, I was pleasantly surprised to really love these images of Anthony Gormley's Another Place but then they're not real people! There's just something about the solitariness of the sculptures on the beach, and in the sea (how much is seen of them depends on the tide) that makes them look sad to me, and lonely.

The work was originally meant for Germany, but is now permanently sited outside Liverpool, on Crosby beach. Hopefully I'll get there soon to see it.

Gormley's Angel of the North, is something else I really like.

Exposure, in Leystad, Netherlands is one of his most recent projects.


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