Sunday, 4 July 2010

Beyond Words ... Beyond Reach

One of the reasons for our visit to Edinburgh last week was to pay what will probably be our last visit to the photography bookshop, Beyond Words. It's a nice little shop in the older part of Edinburgh but at the end of July it will be closing down, and the business is being transferred to the internet.

Which is a shame because it's almost the last place where you can leaf through a photography art book before you buy it. The high street bookshops just don't stock the kind of books which can motivate and inspire you in the way the books he stocks do. I know a big part of the problem is that so many of us go in just to browse, but since I got into photography, national book tokens have been in almost every xmas and birthday present from my mum and my family. The Fruitmarket gallery stocks books, but as it's a gallery it's not allowed to sell book tokens- what will my mum do now!!

In all seriousness, this is sad. It just feels like more proof that photography as an art form is being marginalised.

This feeling was further reinforced when we went in to visit the shop where I used to buy all my photo chemicals. I was under the impression that it has closed down, but recently received an email telling me that it has just moved. So we went along full of enthusiasm, but to be brutally honest it was rather embarrassing. What had been a great wee wholesale dept had been reduced to a few packets of paper (mainly RC) and some bottle on the top of a little cupboard. To be fair, the chap was very enthusiastic but to us it just seemed to be even more proof of our disappearing art.

But marginalise me if you want, I'm not going digital!!!!


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