Sunday, 16 May 2010

GSA Degree Show

There's a definite buzz about the air at GSA just now. The degree show for the 4th years is not far off - the culmination of four years of study and practice. So much effort being put in to their final, final assessment and the following show - each one no doubt hoping that this will be their big chance to catch the eye of the galleries and get their 'big break'.

P is in 4th year so it's his show this year and he's pretty nervous about it too. He's worked hard listening to the tutors and tried to produce work that will be of a really high standard. But just at the completely wrong time, there was a death in the family and he had to go back to Texas for a week. That meant that I had to stand in for him when it came to agreeing his studio space. I do not want to have to go through that again until it's my turn!!

Don't get me wrong, everyone who will be in the same studio is lovely, very nice people. But we could reach no agreements. Then they changed the number of people in the room and the negotiations had to start again. By the third meeting, several senior lectures and a few of Heads of Schools were in involved - and me a 1st year!! Talk about feeling out of my depth! Everyone was very nice to me, but it made me realise that this is something that takes the 4 years at GSA to prepare for; that it's not just about the end of fourth year, its much bigger than that and it's something you have to be mentally ready for, not just 'work' ready for.

I wish all the 4th years the very best show and lots of luck for the future. x


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