Sunday, 16 May 2010

Books, loads of them!

I've been pulling my work together for the end of year assessment and a thought occurred to me about how many books I've bought since I began at GSA. I also thought about T's list of movies she'd seen this year, so here's my list of books that have appeared on my shelves since September last year:

New Topographics - Photographs of a Man-altered Landscape
Joel Sternfeld - Walking the Highline
Thomas Joshua Cooper - Ojo de Agua
Robert Adams - Why People Photograph
Rebecca Solnit - A Field Guide to Getting Lost
Descartes - A Discourse on Method
Descartes - A Very Short Introduction
Barthes - A Very Short Introduction
Postmodernism - A Very Short Introduction
James Elkins - Stories of Art
Mary Shelley - Frankentstein
Maria Theresa Moerman Ib - I'm Afraid I Can Never Go Back Again
Dave Hickey - The Invisible Dragon
Nikolaus Pevsner - Pioneers of Modern Design
Adrian Forte - Objects of Desire
Jane Hope/Borin van Loon - Introducing Buddha
Gombrich - The Story of Art
Aaron Scharf - Art and Photography
Roland Barthes - Image, Music, Text
Roland Barthes - Camera Lucida (second copy!?)
Roland Barthes - Mythologies
John Carey - What Good are the Arts?
John Carey - Intellectuals and the Masses
Edward Burtynsky - China
Anne Michaels - Fugitive Pieces

Haven't read them all - dipped in and out of most of them though. Planning to have a busy summer!!!

PS. Thanks to family and friends who all give me national book tokens as pressies! x


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