Thursday, 8 April 2010

Melanie Friend

These images are from a series that the artist made called Border Country 2003 and are about immigration detainees in the UK. What interests me most about these images is not so much why I like them, but why I don't really care what they're about. I'm drawn to images which are essentially ugly and are about some unpleasant things etc, but I don't feel any connection to the message, only to the image itself. Is this right? Can we really completely detach ourselves - if the artist is trying to make a point, make us aware of, for example an injustice, is it right to not be involved?

I wonder about this because of the images I'm drawn to - industrial sites, abandoned warehouses, masts, pylons etc. I don't feel that I have something to say about the environment or the state of the economy, just that these are beautiful things in their ugliness! Must ponder on this!


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