Friday, 30 April 2010

GoMA - Red Road Exhibition

On Monday, as part of a class trip to see some of the GI exhibits, we went to the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow. After the trip was finished, I went back to GoMA to spend some more time there.

One of the exhibitions currently taking place - Multi-Story - is about the notorious area of Glasgow known as the Red Road Flats.

multi-story is a collaborative arts project based in the distinctive Red Road housing estate, North Glasgow. Established in 2004 by Street Level Photoworks in partnership with The Scottish Refugee Council and the YMCA, it supports the integration of asylum seekers and refugees through creative activity, celebrating the different cultural traditions coexisting within the changing community.
This unique exhibition showcases artworks created in the last two years by local residents from over 15 countries, with a number of community organisations, and artists Lindsay Perth and Iseult Timmermans. Using traditional and contemporary art practices in photography and digital video, the work documents residents views and memories as well as explore issues around regeneration and the creation of new communities.

The flats are due to be demolished beginning in Spring 2010 and I think this exhibition goes a long way to showing that it's not just the buildings that will be destroyed but perhaps some of the community spirit will go as well. It certainly came across as a place with a strong identity.


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