Friday, 30 April 2010

Glasgow International Visual Arts Festival - Leslie Thornton

Although it's almost over by the time I write this, the GI festival has been on since mid-April. It's been interesting to see some of the artists that have been exhibiting. That said, I haven't seen many of the exhibits but one that has really stayed with me was a series of films by Leslie Thornton.

There were about 6 of them being shown in Tramway and the 2 that I thought were extremely good were 'Strange Space' and 'The Last Time I Saw Ron'. Both were quite haunting in their portrayal of Ron Vawter's struggle with, and eventual death from, aids. The imagery as I said was haunting, but it was the sound that made the real impact on me, particularly the use of a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke.

These are the only extracts from both films that I can find:


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