Sunday, 18 April 2010

Artists Books

This Saturday was the Glasgow International Artists Bookfair - very inspiring! I hadn't really appreciated the opportunity for expression that a book could provide. That said, up until Saturday my opinion of what constitutes a book was very traditional! For my graded unit (external project) for my HNC , I made a case book of my photographs, tipped-in. It's a very traditional type of book and I was extremely proud of how it turned out. But the books I saw on Saturday were fabulous - so many creative works and ways of making books. My head was spinning after the first few stands!

The traditional style of book was definitely there and used in some great ways, but so too were lots of folded and cut-away books. It seemed to me that there were a handful of basic methods that were then used by the artists in lots of different ways. This meant that there were so many different ideas, lots of unique pieces. I really thought it was great.

That said, I didn't come away with any particular favourites although Kim Bevan's book were so delicate and small, they were beautiful:

I also really liked Julie Johnstone's work - very simple and elegant. For me though, it was the words inside her 'Little Book of Less' and 'Seeing Things' that made me buy them:
there comes a time when you no longer need more
you only need to see what is already there

One of GSA's 4th year students, Caroline Herbert, had some really interesting pieces, as did the students from the Leeds College of Art.

I finished off my visit to the bookfair by joining in a workshop about how to fold pages to make concertina books, and I'm so glad I did (thanks T). Here are my efforts - the covers were made at home, I couldn't wait to finish them off!


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