Monday, 15 February 2010

H & C - The Disaster

I knew I shouldn't have gone, I should have waited, but the thought of my presentation in H & C was weighing heavily on my mind. I was already a couple of weeks late because I had been ill, so I thought it would be best just to go and get it over with. A definite mistake!!

Not only had I written it when I was ill, I'd also tried to edit it when I was worse! Presenting it in the state I was in was always going to be risky. It had to be one of the worst presentations I have ever made! I do this for a job, how could I have gotten it so wrong! Easy answer would be that I went into trainer mode - not presenter mode. Off I went!

But not much I can do about it now, damage done. I'm pretty embarrassed about it and my natural inclination is to avoid all future classes but that's not going to happen. I'm going to just accept that these things happen, the grades don't carry over into second year, get over it and get on with it ... till next year's presentation!!!

(Maybe I could wear a mask?)


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