Saturday, 2 January 2010

Time to go back!

I started this blog so that it would just be as an on-line sketchbook for my research etc, but I'm changing that already! It's almost time to go back to Glasgow and I have some pretty mixed feelings about it.

I can't say it's been a particularly good break, but it's certainly been a quiet one. The end of term was extremely stressful, then a full week's work straight after that - add in mum's operation and the whole thing becomes one major stressful event. But it's not just been that, after stress high comes the inevitable low and boy, did it hit bad this time round; so it's taken a while to get over it all.

The weather hasn't helped of course; I feel like I've been trapped here!! I haven't taken a single photograph the whole time I've been home (the iPhone doesn't really count!) but my head and my heart weren't quite in it I guess.

And now I have to pack up and leave my home again to move back to the flat in Glasgow. It's not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just not home. This place means so much to me - it was/is my safe haven after all that has happened and it's very unsettling to be somewhere else.

However, needs must and I am looking forward to going back to GSA. But I've read through the new project brief and I feel very out of my depth. I know the whole point is that you go to uni to learn but I really feel that I lack the creativity that so many of the others in the class have. Got to keep at it though, keep an open mind and try my best - but can't do it from here, so tomorrow I'm packing up my stuff and the cat and I are heading west!!!!


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